The tuneup your website desperately needs

Your website is stale, neglected and ineffective (happens to the best of us). In this 3-day course you’ll learn the 4 steps to attract, engage and convert customers on your website.

Chase Reeves is your instructor for this course
  • Make changes that truly matter
    don't waste time and money on ineffective tweaks.
  • Increase engagement + conversions
    start seeing real business improvements.
  • Step-by-step guided training
    no coding or design skills necessary.
  • Increase regular traffic
    from search engines and social.

“I’ve learned more since joining Fizzle than I have with all the other things I read and studied combined.”

~ Eric M.

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The tuneup your wesbite desperately needs.

And the step-by-step training you need to get it done right.

As a creative, freelancer or indie entrepreneur you need a website that attracts visitors, engages them and converts them into subscribers and customers.

However, many of us have websites that are STALE, unpolished and ineffective.

Some of us never had the tools to make a strong website in the first place, and others of us have simply let our sites spoil.

It’s alright—happens to the best of us—but let’s just think for a second about what our website DO.

What your site does

Your website is one of your most important business assets.

It’s where every single person goes when they want to purchase or find out more about you.

  • It’s how they understand what you do.
  • It defines whether or not they trust you.
  • It determines the interaction your customers have with you.

We have to make our websites EFFECTIVE because to visitors and potential customers the website IS our business!

“To potential customers our website IS our business!”

But what to change?

There’s a million things you could change on your website, but what are the changes that matter?

As indie business folks we don’t have a ton of time or money to spend tweaking and updating and hiring dubious contractors to work on our website. So the time we spends NEEDS to be effective, needs to make a difference.

But most of us don’t actually know what the most effective elements of our website are… so we keep putting it off, thinking maybe one day we’ll know what to do.

It’s time to do what NEEDS to be done for our websites, to tuneup our sites to work EFFECTIVELY for our business.

It’s about desire, not design & code

You don’t need to know how to code, or be a professional designer or copywriter to make your website more effective.

We’re going to teach you how to make incredible changes to your website without using code or massive design updates.

Because what makes a website work is how easily it connects your visitor with their desire. They come to your page and they WANT something. Your website is EFFECTIVE when it connects them easily to what they want.

So it’s totally unnecessary for you to know how to code or design because we’re going to walk you through every step of how to use this DESIRE to make our sites more effective.

Why you need this

Many of us don’t feel like we deserve a great website until we have it all figured out. But that’s backwards!

“Figuring it all out" comes from putting your best foot forward on your website right now, and seeing if people resonate.

Making progress toward the business you want isn't a process that happens in your head. Progress comes from the interactions you have with your potential customers, and your website is where those interactions take place.

So you need a website that’s tuned-up and effective to get you to the next stage in your business.

And up until now you didn’t have anyone you could trust to teach you.

Boost your attraction, engagement and conversion no matter what stage your business is in currently — whether you have loads of un-converting traffic or not much traffic at all.

Serious website wisdom

Your instructors are some of the best in the industry.

When massive bloggers like Pat Flynn ( and Steve Kamb ( needed help designing and updating their websites, they turned to us, Chase Reeves and Corbett Barr.

We’ve also attracted millions of people to our own websites. We’ve been running a successful business serving entrepreneurs for 5 years and have helped over 13,000 of them.

Our success stories include businesses like,,,, and so many more. 

You literally couldn’t have more qualified leaders when it comes to what changes to your site matter most.

Course details

Here’s what you get in this guided website tuneup course.

You’ll walk away with a site that finally WORKS — more traffic, more engagement and more conversions.

This course includes:

  • Action steps and checklists with step by step training on each step.
  • A course workbook that outlines each step with instructions (printable).
  • Video training with LIVE Q&A that you will be able to participate in.
  • Recordings of all the training sent to you as soon as they’re uploaded.
  • All the tools, ideas and actions necessary to keep your website tuned-up.

This course is about the RIGHT steps for your website. At the end of it you’ll be excited about your CLEAN and CLEAR website and the results you’re getting.

The best part

You have a chance of being a part of the training LIVE because you’re seeing this before December 4th.

If you signup before December 4th you can join us for the LIVE training of this course, complete with Q&A.

That means you’ll be able to ask YOUR specific questions and get them answered from experts in website design, copywriting and conversion.

(And if you can’t make it live, you’ll be getting videos of the training emailed to you later on in the same day.)

Signup now before the training starts!

As soon as the training starts we’ll be closing down sales for this course.

So signup now to reserve your spot in the live training and get this course for a fraction of what it will cost later!

We’re so pumped to offer this course to you and be a part of making your website a truly effective tool for your business. We all let our websites grow weeds, but now it’s time to focus and take our businesses to the next step!

Chase Reeves

“I can tell you first hand that you can stop thinking because this is a no-brainer. I’m a Fizzler and have completed this thorough, well thought-out course and can testify this course is one of the best online courses I’ve every taken. The checklists and worksheets really helped me fully understand the concepts. It also forces you to get real and apply what you’ve learned. I’ve bought over 50 different “online business building” courses over the years, some costing up to $2,000 (I was desperate for anything that would help me). This course, along with the other courses at Fizzle, helped me understand things more clearly and has restored my faith in online business courses.”

~ Omar Z. about our previous website course

This course will launch in just a few days. Enter your email to get notified!

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“I’d paid out a lot of money (to me anyway) to connect and learn from other ‘experts’. I felt like I was getting nowhere fast and many of their values seemed at odds with mine and frankly manipulative. I wanted to build something online that mirrored and complimented my embryonic offline business… Fizzle is fucking ace. The videos are great – although that’s not what I’ve got the most value from. The real gold is the forums – very supportive, super smart and on the ball. The advice and support is so far beyond anything I’ve experienced online that if there was a lifetime membership option I’d snap it up.”

~ Jo C.

You May Have Some Questions:


I don’t want to be sleazy in my business or life. Will this practice make me do anything uncomfortable? First, I like where your head’s at. Second, NO. At Fizzle we create trainings that help you accentuate your unique personality, voice and values (instead of causing you to act in unnatural ways).

I don’t have a lot of time. Will I be able to take the course in little chunks? Absolutely. You’re busy, but pro training will up your game. So we make each lesson short, strong and actionable, usually with at least one downloadable worksheet per lesson.

How much does it cost? There's two ways to buy this course. 1. it comes free with Fizzle Membership, and 2. you can purchase it individually. Fizzle Membership is the one-stop-shop for indie biz resources (40+ courses, community + support, weekly coaching sessions, small business roadmap). It costs $35/month. But you can try it out for a couple weeks for free. Get in, try it out, see if it’s for you, cancel anytime… no contracts, no hidden fees. Learn more.

You could also purchase this course as a stand-alone course. You'll be charged a one-time fee and you'll have access to the course for life. You can purchase this course individually from the links above in green.

Can I trust you guys? Another great question. I guess I’ll say two things in response. 1. We’ve got experience. We’ve been doing business online longer than most. In fact, well respected entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn of and Steve Kamb of have chosen to work with us instead of others for that very reason. We’ve done venture backed startups, client services business, large and small blogs and much in between. So, we’ve got some experience. And 2. It’s free to get in and kick the tires. That’s it. Click one button to cancel. We won’t string you along or hassle you. I could spout off about our pedigree all day, but the biggest testament to our training is the finished product itself, both the training and the killer community. I hope you give it a try.

“The presentation is professional but personal. The content is well-organized and the expertise of each of you is immediately obvious. Thanks for taking the time to put this program together and keep it affordable. Your entire approach is refreshing and inspiring in a marketplace where “gurus” are always reaching for my wallet.”

~ Daryl J.

This course will launch in just a few days. Enter your email to get notified!

Notify me when it launches!

“I found your site through Pat Flynn’s site and am currently taking your ‘Start a Blog that Really Matters’ course. So far, it is the single most valuable thing I’ve ever paid for on the internet — no exaggeration.”

~ Kass M.

Chase and Jason hope to see you inside Fizzle!