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Insights From Gumroad Sellers

Here are tips from folks who’ve sold a lot
(like, 100's of 1,000's of dollars)
on Gumroad.

Nathan Barry Founder and Designer at ConvertKit. Author of Authority.

“By adding higher packages we didn’t exclude anyone from buying. But we add in all this potential revenue. I don’t know of any single business decision that can have this much of an impact on revenue.”

  • He makes his sales pages long enough to answer the questions of a potential buyer.
  • Creating multiple packages has tripled his revenue.
  • I watch the analytics tab, any time the revenue for last 30 days dipped below a certain amount of money ($10,000) I’d run a promotion, write a blog post, etc.
  • For multiple packages: ask “what else do they want to know?” Let that guide what else you put in there. Videos, templates, and anything else that will save people time, explain things better and provide more information.
  • Charge more for your product. If you double the price of product you usually won’t lose 50% of your customers.
  • Gumroad covers all credit card charges on refunds… without this you’d be out of pocket for each refund. Very helpful. Gumroad also fights back credit card charge back fees for you and wins quite a few of them and even if they don’t win they pay them for you.
  • Whenever you’re trying to do a big task (like writing a book or making a product) set a goal for the amount of progress you’re going to make every day. Nathan’s was writing 1000 words a day.

Paul Jarvis Lots’a tattoos. Also, web designer & best selling author.

“The biggest question I’ve been asked is, ‘I made the book put it out and now it’s not selling.’ Well, what did you do before you wrote the book to build your audience? Invite them into the process of writing the book. Share bits and pieces.”

  • Make the product about THEM and what THEY want and why THEY’ll buy it, not you and why you wrote it.
  • Before the book comes out give away a chapter here and there, write about what it’s like to writing, etc.
  • To get more sales/exposure, try to write for a large publication in your industry as a guest writer.
  • Social is good for amplifying. But email is best for sales.
  • His email list had exposure to about 30% of the book before it was even out… in the form of individual articles.
  • You need to do the work. sit your butt down and write for 30m minimum. Make a bunch of crap… it increases your odds of making something good.
  • He gets an email from Gumroad for every sale. Sometimes he responds in email to the buyer just to say thanks.
  • Gumroad API… you can integrate with MailChimp using Zapier.
  • Gumroad analytics are helpful for watching for referrals… who’s sending over the best people.

James Clear Entrepreneur, weightlifter and travel photographer.

“Sales doesn’t have to be THAT hard. ‘Psychology’ and ‘Social Behavior’ stuff sounds mysterious, but it doesn’t have to be.”

  • Used Gumroad to sell tickets to an online event. The process and UI is well designed.
  • People can hand you a one-page sheet and say, “here’s the steps, if you do this you’ll succeed.” Hard part isn’t following the steps, but getting past your own psychology. Questioning yourself in 1000 different ways.
  • Work hard to understand what the buyers’ needs are. Listen to them in email, comments, social media, etc. Pay attention to a) will they buy it and b) will they find it valuable.
  • Make your messaging clear… don’t need to make it special or smart or clever… just clear.
  • The words you use matter: selling a “course” is not the same as selling a “class” or a “workshop.”
  • Approach your product/idea with a “what’s worst thing that could happen?” kind of attitude.
  • Treat failure like a scientist does: not some huge mistake, just another data point. “We tried this, didn’t work, now try something else.”

Justin Jackson Writer and host of Product People Podcast.

“The most powerful feedback you’re gonna get is putting something up and seeing if an actual ideal customer will or won’t buy it.”

  • Instead of writing the whole big book, he wrote a much smaller guide, finished it in a month, and then added on to it over time.
  • Email list is his most important channel. Publishes every saturday morning.
  • He tries to write (roughly) 2 tactical posts to every 1 vulnerable/real-life post on the blog.
  • You build trust when people realize you’re a real person. I show them that through my blog and podcast in combination with the email list.
  • Found the idea for his next book by paying attention to his audience, specifically in email responses.
  • Do things that don’t scale. (Reference to a great essay from Paul Graham.)

Barron Cuadro helps guys dress better at Effortless Gent.

“I wish I would have fielded questions from my audience earlier, got a feel for what they wanted earlier, and then created my product earlier.”

  • “I wish I would have fielded questions from my audience earlier, get a feel for what they wanted earlier, and then created my product earlier.”
  • As a creator there’s a lot of back-end setup that’s involved. Gumroad makes this stuff easy. (Coming from ejunky, which was a really complex setup).
  • Using a modal overlay has helped increase Pat Flynn’s conversion. (Read more about that here.)
  • He uses his Gumroad cover image on just about every piece of marketing. Put a little time/money into creating that since it can be used so many places.


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