Journaling for Vision & Motivation

Journaling for Vision & Motivation

Learn how to journal for more motivation & vision

We have a 90 minute teaching on how to do a simple daily practice for more SUSTAINABLE MOTIVATION.

Because, you can look at your own experience thus far: to be successful in any creative endeavor, to build something you care about and put it out into the world, you are going to need VISION and MOTIVATION.

VISION — your project needs to flow from within you, tapping into deep personal interest, in order to be sustainable.

MOTIVATION — you need to pursue these projects day after day after day in order to be successful, so you’ll need motivation to sustain you.

This journaling process we teach you will help you find BOTH those assets, vision and motivation, for your project.

We don’t have a journal to sell you. In fact, Chase uses a simple notebook he had just lying around in his closet.

In fact, in the teaching you’ll learn 2 different methods for daily journaling. We show you two different methods because the it’s essential that you find a process of daily insight and exploration that works FOR YOU.

Ok, by now you know you need sustainable motivation to get your project off the ground or make it successful in a meaningful way to you. If you need more on that read this.

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