Journaling for Vision & Motivation

Journaling for Vision & Motivation

How to journal for more motivation & vision

To be successful in any creative endeavor, to build something you care about and put it out into the world, you are going to need VISION and MOTIVATION.

We have a 90 minute teaching on how to do a simple daily practice for more SUSTAINABLE MOTIVATION. Enter your email to get it now:

“This training will teach you a 10 minute daily journaling process that will put vision and motivation back in your daily experience!”

What you’ll learn:

1. VISION — your project needs to flow from within you, tapping into deep personal interest, in order to be sustainable. Do you know what your vision is? Are you very confident in it? This process will help you excavate what your real vision is.

2. MOTIVATION — you’ll need to pursue your goals consistently, day after day if you want it to really work. If you can keep up motivation, an internal, invisible force that drives you forward, your odds of success are much higher.

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