24 Lessons Learned In A Year of Podcasting (to 10,000+ Listeners, FS052)

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Episode 52: 24 Lessons Learned In A Year of Podcasting (to 10,000+ Listeners, FS052)

On our 52nd episode, we share the 24 things we learned in a year of podcasting, what we wish we would have known before we started, and how to slap yourself into gear (because, like us, you probably deserve it too).

Thanks for an incredible first year of the Fizzle Show. From making us the #1 business podcast, to the Pejorative Mexican™, all the way through Muppets and goats… you’ve been amazing to make things for. Here’s to the next year.

The 24 Lessons

  1. Holy shit, get started: Listen to this part in the show for the caveat.
  2. Make something valuable and fun. It takes time to find the balance between “what I want to make” and “what they want to listen to.”
  3. Don’t listen to the loud minority. Be they positive or negative.
  4. Keep going.
  5. Podcasting is more immersive and engaging, though less accessible than blogs/websites/social media/etc.
  6. Screw states. They go down, they go up, who knows why. Get too excited about them and you’ll be sad either way. (But you do kind of have to be aware.)
  7. Create episode arcs. Also, multi-episode arcs (like our monthly themes).
  8. Interviews can be lots of work. But they can perform really well. (Like this stuff.)
  9. Have someone else do the technical stuff. (thx, a-holes.)
  10. Listening to the podcast connects you more to the show than just recording it.
  11. Audio quality matters. We explain some caveats on this one.
  12. Try both pre-batching a bunch of episodes and doing things in real time. It can connect you to feedback and audience responses better (without burning you out).
  13. The ROI isn’t clear, but doing a podcast is worth it for a lot of different reasons.
  14. Podcasting is getting crowded. You’ll be better off having started now.
  15. Podcasting is fun when you have partners.
  16. Don’t underestimate the value of inside jokes. People like them.
  17. Be consistent. There’s two angles to this one.
  18. If doing interviews, find people who aren’t interviewed elsewhere or at least ask them different questions.
  19. Make a headline before you record. It’s real hard to derive a headline from an hour long, earnest, exploratory conversation.
  20. Podcasting may or may NOT be for you. Be the judge for yourself.
  21. The real art is learning how to be yourself on this mic. Fuck expectations, be yourself.
  22. Serving a GREAT audience really helps. I’d have burned out long ago if it wasn’t so clear our audience is full of earnest, good, brave people.
  23. Stand instead of sit. Helps energy wise
  24. Figure out what time of day you sound the best. Energy, etc.

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Show Notes

Blue Yeti USB Microphone If you’re on the fence just do this one. Done and done. Even the Wirecutter agrees.

Shure SM57 & Blue Icicle This is what I use right now. It’s fine. If I was doing it over, i’d get this one.

Steven Pressfield: The 10,000 Hour Rule “But what exactly are we learning when we’re beating our brains out all those years?”

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