3 Big Reasons Why The Goals We Set Don’t Stick

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Episode 249: 3 Big Reasons Why The Goals We Set Don’t Stick

Why is it that we set goals that fail? Why do we allow our dreams to fizzle out? Could the problem be with the way we are approaching our goals from the get-go?

2018 is here and you have things to do, right? You have dreams to achieve, goals to set and things to accomplish!

But do you know what the difference is between a goal and a New Year’s resolution?

Do you know the difference between “mountain top goals” and “foundational goals”?

Do you know why your goals are so prone to fizzle out?

THAT’S what I want to talk to you about today: how to set goals that will actually work because most of us think about goals in the WRONG way.

In this episode, we are essentially talking about how you get your sh*t done! It’s the beginning of the year and everyone is talking about New Year resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are usually things you just fizzle out of, so today we are talking about why we let them fizzle out and how to set achievable business and personal goals (rather than resolutions) moving forward into the new year.

Listen to this conversation because you are going to get some remarkable insights from it! It’s a deep dive into why we think so poorly about goal setting, and how to fix it.

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