Balancing Your Business Mind and Creative Brain with Chris Do (FS321)

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Episode 321: Balancing Your Business Mind and Creative Brain with Chris Do (FS321)

How do we continue to make a path for ourselves, learning, solving problems and making money on the internet? What are the ways in which we, as entrepreneurs, can add value, communicate it and help clients reach their full potential?

These questions and their answers continue evolve as the world orbits the sun and we need to grow with them, learning and teaching as we go. It is no good developing single sides of your skills or business, you need to balance your business mind and your creative brain!  

In this episode we are talking about communicating value, learning new and better ways to close deals and testing the waters before sharing your great contribution to the ocean of businesses out there.

Today on the show we are joined by Chris Do from Blind and the The Futur! Chris gives us a run down of his career path, the important lessons he has learned and even gives us his billboard message! As a self made and evolving entrepreneur, Chris has managed to carve out a niche in the online education field and continues to morph his work with the ebbs and flows of the seas.

We also talk about how to better close deals by using questions and getting your customers talking, the ideas of not letting schooling interfere with your education and why originality is in the delivery and not the message.

For all of the and more, you know what to do!

Key Points From This Chris Do Episode:

•    Some background to Chris’ work and where he is at currently. [0:04:49.4]

•    Chris’ family history and the legacy of bootstrapping success. [0:07:43.4]

•    The dearth of business acumen in creative education. [0:13:25.4]

•    Lessons that Aiden has learned from Fizzle and The Futur. [0:17:12.6]

•    Key concepts in marrying craft with commerce. [0:19:51.1]

•    What is good content? Filming real life interactions and learning situations. [0:26:21.6]

•    Switching from client work to content creation. [0:28:11.8]

•    Fire bullets, cannonballs and pirate ships! [0:30:49.3]

•    Originality and reimagining the same message for a different audience . [0:35:49.5]

•    Communicating your value and authentically passing on timeless lessons. [0:43:10.2]

•    Stop selling, ask questions and close some deals. [0:51:31.6]

•    Illuminating something deeper than branding for clients. [0:57:05.9]

•    A little bit about Chris’ CORE framework and Fizzle’s new Jumpstart Bundle. [1:00:48.2]

•    And much more!

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