Behind The Scenes of a Small & Profitable Youtube Business

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Episode 257: Behind The Scenes of a Small & Profitable Youtube Business

YouTube can be insanely useful for small businesses today. But most of us think the wrong way about how to use it.

Do you want to start a Youtube channel? Do you want to grow your revenue and audience using the audience tools YouTube offers?

In this episode we answer these and many more questions. We take the example of Chase Reeves’ YouTube channel and dissect how a personal passion for bags led him to building a profitable and valuable series of videos.

Today on the show the team help you think about how you can turn your interests and abilities into capital and opportunity on Youtube.

We also talk about calls to action, passive income, defining your audience and understanding the true purpose of hosting a video channel similar to Chase’s.

So if you are interested in exploring a new avenue of revenue, would like to improve an already existing channel or are open to us convincing us of something you thought you would never do tune in! We got you!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to use Youtube to promote your entrepreneurial business. [0:03:18.2]
  • Youtube’s popularity as a means to quick learning. [0:08:58.1]
  • Ways to make money from Youtube besides the most common model. [0:12:17.4]
  • How Chase got started reviewing bags on Youtube. [0:14:41.4]
  • The reasons that Chase’s channel was able to generate affiliate income. [0:22:01.1]
  • Reception to these videos and the entertainment value of  Chase’s videos.  [0:29:12.3]
  • The realization of the potential of these videos years after starting. [0:31:20.2]
  • One bag travel and the addictiveness of the minimalist aesthetic. [0:34:02.8]
  • Reaching out to companies and their responses to affiliation. [0:39:46.2]
  • Advertising revenue and other information on how Chase’s channel works. [0:41:30.4]
  • The most important lesson from this example about your own personality. [0:47:58.6]
  • Other types of videos besides product reviews to pursue. [0:48:44.5]
  • Implementing a call to action during a video that feels authentic. [0:52:34.5]
  • Defining your audience and the opportunity this allows. [0:55:21.2]
  • The primary purpose of videos like Chase’s. [0:58:30.1]

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