The Exact Moment I Chose a Better Niche (097)

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Episode 97: The Exact Moment I Chose a Better Niche (097)

Bonnie asks a question in this show that took us where I didn’t expect we’d go.

As Corbett, Barrett and I started responding to her question (which is as funny as it is important) we travelled into a conversation about choosing a better niche.

Niche advice grows like trees in the internet business world. Here at Fizzle we talk about the “niche please” mindset often.

And not always in a dubious way. The target market guide that’s helped so many people is simply another method for choosing your niche… a people first method.

Bonnie’s question in this episode gets us into a situation many of us have found ourselves in and adds some real, human light to the moment where we’re forced to make a decision. (I share my own moment of discovery in this episode.) Enjoy!

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