How To Use The Comparison Game To Your Advantage Instead Of Just Feeling Like A Piece of Sh*t

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Episode 255: How To Use The Comparison Game To Your Advantage Instead Of Just Feeling Like A Piece of Sh*t

It’s natural to compare yourself to others, but we want to teach you how to interrupt that pattern and use that habit to propel your business further and deeper into the results you actually want.

Does your social media feed leave you feeling jealous, doubtful, isolated and unworthy, rather than inspired, motivated and connected?

Often our fears and the need for acceptance come into play with comparisons – comparing ourselves to others and using that as a measuring stick for our own life and sense of self-worth.

But is this something we can change?

Today we want to break down what the comparison game means for modern business builders and how we can interrupt those patterns on social media to stop playing the comparison game and look deeply into our own goals, needs and wants.

We’re doing that today through a podcast episode because it allows us to go much deeper than a blog post that… let’s face it… you’d just scan anyways 🙂

In this episode we’re going to show you the antidote to the comparison game and how we can interrupt this age-old biological pattern in our brains and convert that energy into real results and progress.  It’s time to stop bullying yourself and just do you!


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