How to Find Courage & Clarity in Your Business (Our New Podcast is Here!)

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Episode 197: How to Find Courage & Clarity in Your Business (Our New Podcast is Here!)

Alright everybody, the moment has arrived: it’s the grand unveiling of Steph’s secret podcast project. It’s called Courage & Clarity, and we think you’re going to love it.

We’ve been doing LOTS of work behind the scenes to bring you an entire collection of real, honest stories intended to help you find the courage & clarity to go after what you love.

I know we’ve been teasing mercilessly, and many of you have reached out asking what the heck I’ve got up my sleeve. So let’s break this thing down…

Perhaps like you, I’ve sampled lots of business-oriented podcasts over the past few years. I find myself seeking inspiration and instruction, but I’m often left asking this question:

“What does it really take to earn a living doing something you care about?”

I created this podcast to address the fact that creative, badass entrepreneurs struggle again and again with two main elements:

  1. the VISION: for their lives and their projects.
  2. the PROCESS: what’s needed to make that vision a reality.

If you think about it, these are two totally different mindsets. On one hand there’s knowing what you want, and on the other hand there’s actually doing it.

So, for each guest on the show you’re going to hear an entire episode about their VISION, and then you’re going to hear another episode entirely devoted to their PROCESS.

This show is all about helping you find the courage & the clarity to go after what you love.

We’ve seen too many hopeful entrepreneurs fizzle out either because they got too high on a vision and never got down to brass tacks, or they got bogged down in the process, stumbling around in the dark without the concrete steps laid out in front of them.

That’s why I’m breaking each conversation up into two episodes — one called COURAGE (because it takes a ton of courage to find your vision) — and one called CLARITY (because bringing a vision into the real world requires a crystal clear process).

courage & clarity podcast

One part grounding inspiration, one part tangible tactics. Ready to get into it? Here’s where you can find the first episode: Take me to the show »

The first episode is with Amanda Boleyn, where she shares an amazing story about why she left the plush and cushy corporate job and said “YES” to uncertainty. (And in the second episode she gives her 3-steps to doing it yourself too.

For podcast aficionados out there: you can also just add the RSS feed directly to your favorite player. Here’s the link:

Can I get personal with you guys for a second? There’s a special reason why I felt so compelled to bring this show into the world (and I think it’s the same reason Corbett & Chase have been all about it, too.)

If you listen to The Fizzle Show, you know we preach the power of customer conversations and being in tune with your audience as Gospel. This applies to us too, and we hear from the female crowd constantly that a little more feminine energy would be much appreciated.

I hear you. Lots of you write us and say things like, “Thank you, Steph, for giving voice to the female perspective” or “way to keep those boys in line!” And I’m happy to do that (Come on, would I have it any other way?)

But I want to go deeper with you, for you.

In my view, ladies and gents have most things in common when it comes to business building. But some challenges are unique, and sometimes our perspectives and preferences are just a little bit different (love you, guys!)

Now real quick dudes, before you stop reading! I’m not saying this show isn’t for you. Please come check it out — it’s chock full of really great lessons that totally apply to your businesses. But if you do subscribe and you’re like, “Geez, there’s a lot of ladies on this show!” That’s on purpose.

I’m so excited to bring you 12 episodes with 6 incredible guests as my “first season” of this show, and I’m pumped to have you follow along with me. I have learned A TON from these incredible women and I know you will too.

PS – One more honest moment from me, because I’ve learned something big. Launching a podcast is HARD. I’ve put in nearly two years at Fizzle coaching many of you to “just put it out there” and “start building your platform!”

The truth is, while I’ve appeared on lots of podcasts (including The Fizzle Show each week), creating and producing my own has been an enormous project for me (like, months on end preparing this thing!)

I’ve had a lot of help along the way, and that just goes to show how important it is to find your support community when you’re building your thing.

So for those of you knee deep in the weeds of creating, I’m next to you, and I’m proud of you. Keep going.

A deep, profound thank you to all who have encouraged this project so far, and I’m wishing you the courage & the clarity to go after what you love!

Listen to the first episode of Courage and Clarity here »

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