You Don’t Have to Choose a Niche! (The Largest Blogs Online Never Did, FS098)

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Episode 98: You Don’t Have to Choose a Niche! (The Largest Blogs Online Never Did, FS098)

We may have to eat our own words a bit on this one. Regardless, it’s eye-opening to see what makes some of the biggest blogs on the web work.

If you’re interested in choosing a niche (or in not choosing a niche), this conversation will be important for you.

I’ll leave it at that and let the podcast episode do the talking. Enjoy! (Subscribe if you haven’t yet!)

Logan’s Question

Hey Fizzle Crew,

I have a problem I’ve been trying to figure out for a while and thought if anyone would know the answer it would be you guys: there’s a lot said around the blogging world and on your guys’ site, also, about defining your audience and finding your niche.

I’ve just recently found out about Fizzle so I’m a bit behind on the backlog of podcasts, but you guys have mentioned a few times and, and I’m wondering this: how is it that something so ‘cross-disciplinary’ (or kind of anti-niche) does so well, and how would they go about doing things like defining their audience and/or doing market research when their audience basically is people who enjoy random interesting things?

I’m not sure if you guys answer random emailed questions, but if you do, then thank you very much for helping me out with this and I hope to hear back.

Best regards, Logan Maro

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Show Notes

Farnam Street“I have a fairly simple objective: I want to go to bed each night smarter than when I woke up. I also want to live a meaningful life and become a better person.”

Brain Pickings“Founded in 2006 as a weekly email that went out to seven friends and eventually brought online, the site was included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive in 2012.”

Brain Pickings: 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living“Reflections on how to keep the center solid as you continue to evolve.” – home of fine hypertext products“The editorial direction of the site is all over the place but clusters around a pair of hand-wavy ideas: the liberal arts 2.0 and people are awesome.”

Tim Ferriss’s Blog

Why Finding Your Niche Is Just Plain Bad Advice“If you pay attention to those who succeed in online business, they aren’t following their own advice.”

Maria Popova on Writing, Workflow, and Workarounds“In this in-depth conversation, we cover just about everything: how it happened, her workflow, how she writes, how her site generates revenue…”

Ira Glass on Storytelling & Taste:

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