Are You Effective or Just Busy? (FS278)

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Episode 278: Are You Effective or Just Busy? (FS278)

Are you always busy? Are you worried about how effective all this work is? Are you addicted to busyness and need help?

We are here to help you separate the needless hustle from the essential work. It is not always about working smarter than harder, but it is vitally important that you stop chasing your tail and working up a sweat while not making enough progress.

In this episode we talk about to do lists, goal setting, productivity and all the common grounds for growth measurement. A large part of the conversation is spent drawing out the intricacies of these relationships and how you can find your perfect balance of needs, ambitions and obligations to set your ideal goals.

We also talk about affirmation, journalling, reducing attachment and much more so be sure to tune in a get it all in this massive episode!

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