What To Send Your Email List (FS046)

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Episode 46: What To Send Your Email List (FS046)

In the previous episode we showed you how to grow your email list. Now it’s time to talk about the nitty gritty nuts and bolts.

In this episode we get into:

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Show Notes

These Numbers Have Faces — Great organization. Great founder. Big fan.

There Is No That“Note from Chase: a friend sent me the article below. I didn’t even get all the way through reading it the first time before I reached out to the author to ask to republish it here on The Sparkline.”

Heavy-Ass Weights“This is going to be a tough love post. I’m going to pick on a reader for a minute, so bear with me.”

Josh Shipp — Corbett mentions the emails josh sends.

Exact Target – Social & Email Report — A PDF study with a bunch of goodies about email, social media, etc.

Email Marketing Benchmarks | MailChimp — Shows what open and click rates are common in different industries.

Subject Line Comparison | MailChimp“New email marketers often ask us, “How should I write my subject lines so that more recipients will open my emails?” In order to answer that question, we analyzed more than 40 million emails sent from customers through MailChimp, and singled out the ones with the highest and lowest open rates.”

The Science Behind Those Obama Campaign E-Mails – Businessweek“One fascination in a presidential race mostly bereft of intrigue was the strange, incessant, and weirdly overfamiliar e-mails that emanated from the Obama campaign.”

How do I know if I’m writing a good subject line? | MailChimp.com“The nerds in MailChimp Labs recently unveiled a new experiment called the Subject Line Researcher. It’s kind of like Google’s Keyword Tool, but for email marketing. And it’s free for all MailChimp users.”

Scott Dinsmore: Live Your Legend and Connect With Anyone – YouTube — I couldn’t find anything on Scott sending the “insert subject line here” email, but I did find this.

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