From FOMO to Focus (FS289)

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Episode 289: From FOMO to Focus (FS289)

What does today’s model for success look like? How do you know what to focus on? What is your most direct path to growth and reward?

Our businesses are always evolving and rotating according to our surroundings, our products and ourselves. The path that you end up choosing and taking with your work will obviously define its outcomes and so it is a constant question in our minds.

In this episode, we look specifically at Steph’s other business, Courage and Clarity, as an example of a growing project and the decisions that are necessary in this process. We think about how to figure out the ever-present question of what to work on today and also stress the importance of putting that work in right now.

We talk about letting your business mature, what that maturity means, simplification and raising the stakes. This is the up close and personal look at a business that you have been waiting for!

Tune in and listen to it all!

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