Help! I Make a Good Product but I Hate Pushy Marketing (FS156)

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Episode 156: Help! I Make a Good Product but I Hate Pushy Marketing (FS156)

“I just want to make my site and my products and not reach out or communicate as a marketer except minimally…”

This was in a note we received recently. It was from a Fizzler who was considering giving up.

She felt like she had realized that “active marketing” was required in order to succeed… and she wasn’t willing to do that.

I loved this question. It felt so human, so natural.

So on the show today we talk about how active you really need to be in marketing your product, service, content or website.

We also talk about how to get into a new mindset about marketing so you don’t build a wall between you and your customers.

Your product might be good, your podcast or blog or service may be literally the best available, but people may not know WHY it’s good.

So, click play and let’s learn about the difference between PUSHY marketing and PERSUASIVE story telling and give people a truly compelling reason to buy. Enjoy!

Show Notes

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How to Knock Off a Bag:

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