How to get Past the Fear of Choosing the Wrong Business Idea (FS154)

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Episode 154: How to get Past the Fear of Choosing the Wrong Business Idea (FS154)

On the show today we share one Fizzler’s story about the fear that comes when you’re choosing between two business ideas.

It can feel impossible to choose sometimes. And for good reason — the decision matters.

There are consequences no matter what you pick, so what do you need to do to not only make a good decision, but also to feel confident about your decision so you won’t second guess yourself later on.

We’ll tell you how and walk you through an amazing resource (free to download below) in this episode. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Download the decision matrix

In this episode we talk about this tool to make an informed decision about what business idea to commit to. Enter your email address to download it now.

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