How to Pace Yourself, Stay Productive & Avoid Burnout (FS153)

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Episode 153: How to Pace Yourself, Stay Productive & Avoid Burnout (FS153)

How do you deal with the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship? Sometimes I’m manic, over-motivated, putting my head down and working everyday until some major milestone is reached.

But this, in my experience, is far too often followed by burnout, down in the dumps, depression.

It’s natural to go through this entrepreneurial rollercoaster, feeling on top of the world — “if I just get this thing done everything will fall into place!” — followed immediately by burnout, depression, looking for any excuse to watch Netflix in bed.

On the show today we ask: is there a way to balance that out so we don’t go into despair every 3 to 6 weeks or so? Can we even it out so we don’t experience the highs and lows in the same magnitude?

It’s an important conversation for anyone working on their own thing. Enjoy!

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