How to Sell Products When You Don’t Like Making Content (FS149)

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Episode 149: How to Sell Products When You Don’t Like Making Content (FS149)

With all the existing platforms out there to sell your product through — Amazon, Etsy, Creative Market, Minted, iTunes, etc — is it really a good idea to spend time making free content?

Angelene is a Fizzler who makes beautifully designed illustrations, cards and photo packages and this question is top of mind for her right now.

Tons of experts advise building up an audience at your own website so you can create an ongoing relationship. But is this too “old school” to work these days?

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Angelene’s Question:

After learning that my business falls under the Established Sales Platform, things are starting to make sense… Prior to joining the Fizzle community, my online readings and research on online businesses would mostly say Grow your audience. Build your audience. You need an audience. Audience, Audience, Audience… This didn't quite sit well with me for some reason, in my head "red flags" would raise and I would be thinking shouldn't I work on products first?

With the idea of thinking I needed to grow my audience, I went ahead and created my website late October last year, with an opt-in form, links to my sales platform, but I felt that my page was too static for some reason and felt the need to make it more engaging, so I thought I would commit to start creating design tutorials, and share some tips through posts in the new year as I felt this was going to help get traffic to my site…

Long story short, I'm struggling to keep up with creating engaging content on my site, I feel a bit in regret of mentioning I will be creating tutorials, as I realize how much of a commitment this will be, and I feel as though I'm further away from my initial business which are my existing online shops on and

Part of me wishes I didn't launch my site at the time that I did, cuz now I feel somewhat of a fraud not being able to consistently put material out when I said I would. I feel my energy can really be well spend creating products on my sales platforms… I know I cannot undo what I've done, but I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or advice on my situation as I want my business to primarily be focused on my products before anything else.

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