How To Stay Motivated (FS010)

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Episode 10: How To Stay Motivated (FS010)

We’ve heard from thousands of entrepreneurs — the most common struggle, across the board, is staying motivated.

We’re solo entrepreneurs.

We burn out.

We dry up.

We melt down and have another go through the FaceBook stream… maybe something new has happened.

That’s fine, unless you actually are an entrepreneur. Unless you actually are your own boss, responsible for your own support, for your own income.

Every entrepreneur must learn how to balance their own energy, how to push through when they need to (and slow down when it’s right). That’s what we dig into in this episode of the Fizzle Show.

Corbett has a unique (and time-tested) practice for preempting burnout. If you’ve seen Inception, this is basically his totem — the tool he uses to decipher if he’s operating in the real world or not. He shares this totem alongside plenty of commentary from Chase and Caleb.

If you’ve ever struggled with motivation or distractions (you probably shouldn’t even be here if you haven’t) there’s loads to glean in this conversation.

How do you stay balanced and motivated? How do you keep from burning out? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Corbett’s Full “What Matters” List

(Note: Corbett here. This is the full list, my list, of “what matters.” I keep this as a project in my to-do application. We get into the full details about this in the episode. We’d love to hear below in the comments what your list of “what matters” contains.)


Asana — this is the project/team management app we’re currently using to run FizzleCo and

TeuxDeux / What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday?

The Top of My Todo List — Paul Graham’s commentary on the most common regrets of the dying.

Regrets of the Dying

The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice

The Alabama Shakes

Mumford & Sons – Home

Vampire Weekend


Lupe Fiasco | Official Website

Chase’s weight lifting and running playlists on Rdio.

War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Also excellent is Chase’s imagining of Pressfield expressed in this podcast.

Alter Ego: Portraits of Gamers Next to Their Avatars | Brain Pickings

The Fizzle Show — finding your voice part 1 and part 2

99% Invisible • Episode 80- An Architect’s Code — this is the podcast that mentions what happens to people if they spend too much time in isolation. Productivity Course — if you are a Fizzler and haven’t completed this course, you’re missing out. And if you’re not a Fizzler, this course alone is a great reason to join.

Jesse Petersen’s Story

From the start, it was as if the 3 hosts were in my head describing what my life is like in regards to being a solopreneur who must create and deliver to survive and trying to avoid burnout at the same time. ”

Jesse Petersen wrote a wonderful, personal article about his journey through these issues. We think it’s a valuable story. Read more here »

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