If You Give Content Away, Will Anybody Pay? (FS135)

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Episode 135: If You Give Content Away, Will Anybody Pay? (FS135)

The whole idea of content marketing is predicated on one core belief. We’re all screwed if it’s a bogus belief.

“The model proposed in blogging seems to be that you show what you know, people sign up, and then you sell them what you know.”

This is Steve Fossey writing in the Fizzle forums recently.

“I almost NEVER pay for anything on the web when I have been attracted by free content. Why would my audience?”

Steve’s question is a good one, a question most of us ask at some point in the journey of building a blog or podcast with the hopes of eventually earning revenue from a product of some kind.

So on the show today we dissect this issue. You may have an idea of what the results are, but how we get there will surprise you.

Corbett’s ideas and experience here are especially insightful.

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Show Notes

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