What You Need to Know About IGTV That No One Else is Talking About

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Episode 274: What You Need to Know About IGTV That No One Else is Talking About

How do successful entrepreneurs make the right decision? How should business owners approach the latest technological innovation or social media platform? How can we ensure the maximum value from the time and money we invest in new directions?

With IGTV just launching recently, it is easy to feel excited or daunted by another avenue that you and your business could be utilizing. But that does not mean that you should necessarily be pouring yourself into yet another platform and marketing strategy without question.

In this episode, we tackle the idea of making clever decisions that suit you and your business, through the lens of the latest trends and social media options. We are not sure if you should dive into IGTV, but we can help you answer that and other questions for yourself!

We also talk about finding ways to make decisions from a place of security and inspiration rather than fear and anxiety, the three dangers of moving into a new area in your business and how to go about improving your decision-making process.

So for all your entrepreneurial needs, questions and aspirations, be sure to tune in as we help you level up!

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