Making The Sale — Three Essential Ingredients That Get Customers To Buy Now

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Episode 242: Making The Sale — Three Essential Ingredients That Get Customers To Buy Now

If you’ve ever had high hopes about how good your sales were going to be… and then had those hopes destroyed by little to no results?

So often we see business owners who get super excited about launching a new product or service, and they have high hopes about making those sales.

They then proceed to put it out there, push it to social media, email their list, and give something away for free thinking that this is going to be “the thing” that lands them a ton of sales.

But instead, they are met with disappointment and little to no sales at all. So why does that happen?

It happens all the time — we think our sales efforts are going to have bigger results than they actually get.

Why? Because we haven’t yet learned how to make the sale happen NOW.

It’s simple stuff, but many fresh entrepreneurs still haven’t learned how to do it.

Today on the show we talk about:

Inside this episode, we dive into the common scenarios that business owners face when launching a new product or service and why things go so terribly wrong despite having the greatest of intentions for their success.

We also discuss the three ingredients that are necessary for getting someone to buy right now — the essential things that you might be missing your sales efforts. There are things you have to do to get someone to actually make the sale. It is not enough to simply put in the effort and commit to the hustle. It is absolutely key to nurture your audience, warm up your leads, and give them a reason to buy and a reason to buy right now.


Key Points From This Episode:

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