Navigating Your Energy As An Entrepreneur (FS310)

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Episode 310: Navigating Your Energy As An Entrepreneur (FS310)

Self-starting entrepreneurs are always confronted with having to manage multiple projects at once. Will you ever get to the point of sorting out all these tasks and responsibilities, and having a greater sense of control over your daily activities? Is it possible to start enjoying the process, even though the circumstances are not ideal?

In this episode we look at practical ways in which you can optimally manage your energy as an entrepreneur, always keeping in mind what the ultimate goal is and staying in tune with your true self and with what makes you happy. 

Today on the show we are joined by Steph Crowder and Jen Rao who will be sharing some of their tips and tricks for aligning your work to suit the lifestyle you want. Jen summarizes her story of last week, about how a stressful job led her to scale down and simplify her life. Steph also shares about having to make a drastic career move that enabled her to prioritize both her professional aspirations and her family, and about the importance of developing a clear vision for the future.

We also talk about the difficulty women face in balancing their work and family lives, the silent expectations of the workplace and why you need to constantly check your internal alignment. We discuss the circumstances under which you would want to leave your employment, waiting for the right opportunity and why you could consider simply reducing your day job hours.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • A summary of Jen’s story about making alternative decisions. [0:07:55.0]
  • Visionaries versus implementers. [0:12:57.0]
  • Having a vision of where you want to be. [0:14:42.0]
  • Steph’s take on the book Lean In. [0:15:48.0]
  • The unspoken expectations on employees. [0:16:50.0]
  • The importance of alignment. [0:19:24.0]
  • Trying new things in the first year of running your own business. [0:21:16.0]
  • How alignment can shift. [0:21:46.0]
  • Changing energies in ourselves and in nature. [0:22:40.0]
  • Embracing the fact that we change and grow. [0:24:08.0]
  • Myers and Briggs personality types. [0:28:01.0]
  • Jen’s struggle with going on vacation with her previous job. [0:33:18.0]
  • The importance of being happy with what you do. [0:34:34.0]
  • Leaving your job and waiting for the right opportunity. [0:40:05.0]
  • Knowing what matters most to you. [0:47:23.0]
  • How useful the MVI worksheet is. [0:50:15.0]
  • The importance of leaving your job on good terms. [0:52:48.0]
  • Scaling down your hours to allow more creative time. [0:53:35.0]
  • The possibilities with freelance work. [0:57:00.0]
  • Energizing versus draining activities. [1:00:05.0]
  • Cultivating gratitude for your situation. [1:02:08.0]
  • And much more!

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