Partnering with Clients: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (FS298)

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Episode 298: Partnering with Clients: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (FS298)

How can a new client partnership help grow your business? When is the right time to enter into something you believe will be mutually beneficial? What are the questions you need to ask yourself before making a decision on this front?

It is hard to imagine the online business world of today without partnerships, endorsements collaborations and picking the right ones can take your business further than you might have imagined. But that does not mean that every connection is a good one or that you should jump through endless hoops just to get a cosign!

In this episode, we look at a bunch of angles relating to this question and try and help you figure out the best process for picking the right way through potential business negotiations. We get into the idea of dream partnerships, when to draw a line in the sand and the most important factor, understanding value.

We also talk about bags, cars and phones, drawing on many examples and metaphors of how you can understand the exchange that takes place in any good partnership.

For all this and more, come and join us!

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Key Points From This Episode:

• New cars, new phones and the excitement around purchasing. [0:04:59.3]
• The example from the forum that sparked this conversation. [0:11:57.6]
• Considering a new partnership from both perspectives. [0:15:35.1]
• The concerns of a contractor when approached by a business owner. [0:19:10.4]
• Figuring out a route to tackle a client’s concerns. [0:23:01.6]
• Corbett and Chase’s own experience of entering into a partnership for Fizzle. [0:25:50.9]
• Podcast sponsorships and the uncertainty of value. [0:30:59.4]
• Do not undervalue yourself! [0:37:20.3]
• Recapping the exercises relevant to these decisions. [0:42:22.6]
• Keeping track of ways in which you are growing for sustainability. [0:46:01.2]
• Maintaining a baseline and adventuring out from there. [0:50:30.3]
• The self reliance quotient and building a solid foundation using a spreadsheet. [0:55:12.5]
• Finding a middle ground in a negotiation with a potential partner. [0:58:57.8]
• And much more!

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