Please Don’t Jump! The Entrepreneurial Leap Myth (FS297)

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Episode 297: Please Don’t Jump! The Entrepreneurial Leap Myth (FS297)

Becoming an entrepreneur means taking risks, right? Does this leap of faith have to be super perilous and terrifying? Are there ways in which you can take the necessary risks that suit you and your business and ensure the highest chance of success?

These are questions that prospective and even full time business owners have to answer all the time. Here at Fizzle, as supposed successful entrepreneurs we are still plagued by these issues and the concerns that come along with them!

In this episode, we unpack all of our thoughts about the transition, big jump or leap of faith to chasing your dream job. We talk about the usefulness of day jobs in making your vision possible, the different types of risk involved, taking advantage of opportunity and the things that can help you control this overwhelming experience.

We also talk about common misconceptions, power versus force and getting ready for take-off.

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