Save Your Business from the YES Monster: Learn How to Say NO Effectively (FS299)

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Episode 299: Save Your Business from the YES Monster: Learn How to Say NO Effectively (FS299)

When should we say no to opportunities? How do we balance saying yes and no to these to our advantage? What are the tips and tricks for making the right choices in business?

We all have constant chances to say yes and no to things, whether in our business or personal lives. Here at Fizzle, we have noticed the huge impact that making the right choice in these situations can have on your trajectory, specifically your ability to say no.

In this episode, we break down the particulars of this somewhat challenging question. We really try to get through when it might be a good time to refuse or turn down a request or offer. We look at it from the perspective of different types of entrepreneurs and help you to build a model that suits you.

We also talk about tips and tricks, a decision making frameworks and the evolution of your business and psychology. There are a number of factors that have to be constantly juggled and reassessed and we are here to help you with work all of that out!

For all this and more, join for another great episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

• The task of learning to say no gracefully. [0:04:04.3]
• Different entrepreneurial responses to business opportunities. [0:06:39.6]
• The effect of saying yes and the dilution of follow through. [0:10:17.2]
• Feeder fish mentality and valuing your own time. [0:16:35.2]
• Corbett and Chase’s early partnership in this context. [0:21:41.7]
• The balancing of your limited time and saying no to your own ideas. [0:26:01.4]
• What to say yes to, what to say no to. [0:31:25.8]
• Frameworks, matrices and strategies for making decisions. [0:34:58.3]
• Switching your default answer to no and maintaining empty space. [0:39:40.2]
• Leaving gaps for reflection and intellectual refreshment. [0:44:35.6]
• Tips and tricks for saying no effectively and gracefully. [0:49:45.3]
• Don’t be a donkey! [1:01:52.2]
• And much more!

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