Should You Delete Negative Comments? + Other Audience Questions (FS051)

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Episode 51: Should You Delete Negative Comments? + Other Audience Questions (FS051)

All month we’ve been sharing tips and tactics for defining your audience, complete with loads of interviews with experienced entrepreneurs on how they do it.

This week we feature two more interviews and listener questions covering some of these topics:

The Guide to Defining Your Audience

Fizzle’s Guide to defining your audienceWe’ve put together a handbook to help you get to clarity on your target market, ideal client, tribe, avatar, persona, whatever the kids are calling it these days. The guide includes:

Download the guide and start cranking with these worksheets and insights from experts so you don’t make the mistake as the entrepreneur in the story I shared last week.

Download the Fizzle Audience Guide

Experts in this episode

Jon Collins“Director of Story @TrumanPDX Co-founder @epipheo I write epic novels in my head and impromptu children’s songs at bedtime.”

Josh Chang“I like to live. communications planning at Wieden+Kennedy. It’s like child and youth development.”

Goats Note

A full 20% of the recent Fizzle planning retreat was spent watching this video and falling over with laughter. I can’t for the life of me figure out which is my favorite. But I’ve chosen what I think is the most “Fizzle Show-ish” goat yelling clip and made it the intro to this episode. What do you think?

Show Notes

Urban Dictionary: how’s your father — Go for a ride.

Hey Batter Batter! This is an epic bit from Brian Reagan I reference in the show. What are we, rabbits?

Corbett’s Choosing A Topic Course in Fizzle — Choosing a topic for your business (or blog, podcast, platform, etc.) is an incredibly important decision. In this 70m course Corbett walks you through listing potential business topics and implementing the impartial decision matrix (a lil’ thing he uses to stay smarter than me). If you’re not a member, you can get in for a buck.

Chris Guillebeau: The Lesson of Convergence“Many people talked about building a business based on a hobby or passion. However, others cautioned that “follow your passion” is more complicated than it first appears.”

240 Mornings“On a given day you may easily start or work on multiple things, but actually completing them takes the most amount of work and focus.”

NextDraft: The Day’s Most Fascinating News with Dave Pell Mentioned in Joseph’s question.

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