The Art of Low Competition Business Ideas (FS129)

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Episode 129: The Art of Low Competition Business Ideas (FS129)

What if you could start a business today that actually interests you? Not a lame business, not something your parents would say sounds like a decent idea, but something that only excites someone like you?

What if I told you that working on that crazy, "just for you" business idea might lead to more success faster than a more generic, "this will probably work" kind of business idea?

In this episode we tell the story of a Fizzler who literally did both and share what happened in each. The results are like a punch in the gut.

In this hour of the podcast we share Chris' story, the reasons behind the results and several eye-opening examples of non-obvious business ideas.

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Chris' story

I've been running Online Passive Income Journey for 10 months.  The Fizzle crew always roll their eyes when somebody else shows up with a follow your passion or make money online blog, and with good reason.  It's an over-crowded niche full of experts and a newbie will have a heck of a time being heard.

Well, I didn't listen either.  I mostly created the blog as a record of what I'm doing and a way to practice so I don't feel like a complete noob when I start blogging in a niche where I can make an impact and where I actually know what I'm talking about and have some level of credibility that I could squander with too ham-fisted a launch.

So I finally launched Sail Mentor a month ago.  What a difference!

I wrote a short post with a table to compare the results of months 3-10 (combined) of Online Passive Income Journey vs the 1st month of Sail Mentor.  Sail Mentor blew the doors off my older site.  In fact, I already have 6 times as many subscribers and I made my first dollar on launch day.

Now, Sail Mentor isn't some sort of huge success or anything, but it's getting real traction and I can actually promote it on social media without being shouted down by all the others doing the same.

I thought it was a really interesting case study in the difference it makes to be credible in your niche and choose the right niche.


OPIJ (7 months) Sail Mentor (1 Month!)
Unique Visitors 388 3101
Email Subscribers 11 59
Gross Income $0 $34.45

Other low-competition business examples

Show Notes

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