The “Niche” Myth and How to Define Your Audience (FS328)

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Episode 328: The “Niche” Myth and How to Define Your Audience (FS328)

The audience we aim to capture and the potential clients we go after are ultimately what make a business stay afloat or sink, without an audience you are not really an entrepreneur, right? So how do we find that particular section of the market that is right for us? How wide or narrow should we cast our nets and what are the indicators we can follow in this regard?

In this episode we break down the battle for your products; how niche is too niche and how general is just way too general. We pull apart the considerations that go into shooting for the stars and an audience, emphasizing how this process evolves and changes over time!

Today on the show we are joined by Justin Jackson, old friend, host of the Build Your SaaS Podcast and cofounder of Transistor! Our special guest shares his expertise in the space, unpacking how he learned the value and dangers of aiming for specific sections of the market and how the internet makes reaching anyone possible. 

We also talk about the personality of your product, why no matter how good your idea and research is you always have to build a great product and the inability of humans to reliably predict their future actions when asked. 

For all this great stuff, be sure to join on for this episode of the Fizzle Show!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The job that Corbett originally hired Chase to do! [0:02:41.2]
  • A little bit about today’s special guests and what they do. [0:05:03.3]
  • Micro-niching, specific audiences and the evolving approach to growing. [0:09:11.8]
  • Outdated adages and looking for confirmation bias and proof. [0:15:49.1]
  • Why have people like Nathan Barry been successful? [0:19:25.5]
  • The Jobs to be Done framework and understanding why people purchase. [0:25:02.3]
  • Correlation, causation and the disconnection between. [0:32:48.8]
  • The fallacy of identifying a new niche and this translating to sales. [0:35:03.9]
  • Chase’s own niche story and the overall vibe of feedback. [0:37:29.4]
  • The inability to honestly forecast future actions now. [0:43:58.3]
  • The personality that goes into a product; pouring yourself into your work. [0:49:05.6]
  • Seeds of a culturally resonant product and the time it takes for them to root. [0:55:35.8]
  • The special thing that happens when you care and have something to share. [1:01:31.2]
  • What the journey to a viable market really looks like. [1:05:45.8]
  • And much more!

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