The Trembling 2am Voice Note: Caleb Wojcik’s Journey (FS005)

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Episode 5: The Trembling 2am Voice Note: Caleb Wojcik’s Journey (FS005)

Caleb Wojcik (one of the Fizzle Show hosts) has an intensely relatable story full of tips, tricks, track suits and lessons learned.

In this podcast we explore his journey from corporate cubicle drudgery to entrepreneurial hunger to terrifying decisions and becoming a connected and successful blogger.

It’s a thrilling ride (even has some 2am road pushups… and did I already say track suits?).

We also get into some big picture stuff and discuss what you can expect from the Fizzle show in coming months (and explain what the name means).

What An Awesome Launch Week

This is the last episode of our launch week. (In case you missed it, we released a podcast every day this week.)

We’ve got to say it again: THANK YOU! We’re so glad you’re liking the show and your reviews on iTunes have been hilarious and awesome. You guys are the best.

From here on out you can expect a new podcast every Thursday. That’s the plan we’ve settled on… let us know what you think.

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Thanks for making us the #1 business podcast!

Thanks for making us the #1 business podcast! We’re so happy you guys and gals are digging the show. If you don’t believe me, check out the iTunes reviews.

Show Notes

Pocket Changed | From Cubicle Renegade To Thriving Entrepreneur

The Art of Non-Conformity

Get Rich Slowly – Personal Finance That Makes Cents

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