Ultralearning: Learn and Master Skills Faster with Scott H Young (FS340)

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Episode 340: Ultralearning: Learn and Master Skills Faster with Scott H Young (FS340)

How can we, as entrepreneurs, continue to stay abreast of all the new information and skills in circulation?

Is there a way to fast track learning and at the same time make it meaningful and effective?

What really happens in our brains when we try and adopt something new?

Today on the show we are joined by Scott H Young, author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Ultralearning. The book aims to arm readers with actionable strategies and techniques for faster, more accurate learning and skill acquisition. Scott is a writer, programmer, traveler and avid reader, who has spent the last 15 years as a successful blogger and entrepreneur.

This episode will give you a taste of the book and its contents, which promises to help you master hard skills, outsmart the competition and accelerate your career. We discuss the process of learning new skills, staying relevant and reinventing yourself, all things that Scott believes are vital to success as an entrepreneur in today’s world.

For all this inspiring information, from an author with so much to offer, be sure to join us on the Fizzle Show!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Developing the ability to learn and its centrality to entrepreneurship. [0:02:31.6]
  • How Scott managed to turn his blogging efforts into a career. [0:06:21.2]
  • Scott’s own learning journey and endeavors in productivity and improvement. [0:07:00.8]
  • The MIT Challenge and the impetus behind the project. [0:10:37.2]
  • Finding a way to keep learning on your clock for your own good. [0:17:21.6]
  • Applying this learning model to small amounts of information. [0:19:16.1]
  • The example of Tristan De Montebello and his public speaking goals. [0:21:20.6]
  • A few secrets to successful learning of a new skill from Scott! [0:24:30.3]
  • The benefits of generating as much feedback opportunities as possible. [0:28:40.5]
  • Different types of learning and which are most effective. [0:32:39.2]
  • The example of chess grandmasters and what entrepreneurs can learn from it. [0:34:56.6]
  • Scott’s three-step process for becoming a better writer. [0:37:54.9]
  • The process of writing Ultralearning and what Scott learned! [0:39:30.3]
  • Strategic and marketing choices that go into the creation of a book. [0:41:51.9]
  • The benefits of blogging and the gifts it has given Scott. [0:47:55.2]
  • The effects of writing on the mind and cognition; expanding working memory. [0:51:40.6]
  • And much more!

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