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Wow! 10/10 would recommend this podcast. The Fizzle crew provides GREAT insight into the daily struggles that most entrepreneurs face. I’m pretty new to the Fizzle community but I’ve already binged 1/2 of their episodes. As a newbie to business these guys have taught me about a range of subjects including the value of SEO, productivity, and creating a personal brand. I would like to give the whole Fizzle crew a huge thank you for creating such a supportive community and for producing A+ content for free. You guys are killing it. Keep it up! 🙌

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I’ve taken a lot of courses and been involved in several paid communities since I started my business, but I’ve never ever felt like anyone CARED as much about seeing my reach my goals as the Fizzle Team. They show up for me as much as I show up for myself. Thank you SO much, you guys!

Claire Pelletreau

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