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The 1 Reason Why Corbett’s Starting A Blog (FS082)

On the show today, something completely new to us: a collection of current events that, remarkably, wove themselves around a common theme.

One of the biggest regrets of those close to dying is this: that they didn’t speak their mind more throughout their lives.

If you’re careful, you’ll hear that thread throughout the stories we bring to you this week. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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“1 of the biggest regrets of those close to dying: not speaking their minds more throughout their lives.”

What Happens When

  • 5m: Corbett explains the blog challenge. (Discounted hosting, Fizzle freebie, 7 day email series from Corbett.)
  • 10: Why Corbett is starting a personal blog again.
  • 12: How Chase uses his personal blog.
  • 18: Barrett’s tweetstorm diatribe. (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.)
  • 28: How the Uber news impacts your mindset as a self employed blogger/podcaster/knitter/jam-maker/hustler.
  • 35: Coca Cola’s problem… it’s not marketing, folks.
  • 38: Slack as the email killer… and the ultimate pivot.
  • 42: Mailchimp releases a new UX book, gives away profits.
  • 46: Corbett’s new favorite nerd belt. “Looks pretty slick too!”
  • 49: A tip on charging your phone (hint: it flies) and Barrett’s experience with Apple pay.
  • 53: Yik Yak. We have to continue to embrace what we don’t understand.
  • 58: One of the biggest regrets of the dying: not speaking your mind. Sharing secrets, personal blogging, etc… a rant from Chase. (“Solidarity,” btw, is the word I was looking for.)
  • “Everything falls apart… do it anyways.”

Links & Such

The Blog Challenge discounted hosting, Fizzle free for 3 months, 7 day email series from Corbett. All free.

Steve Jobs on the Secret “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.”

Hopeful Perspectives 1 Year After My Son’s Birth/Death The piece I mentioned that took a while to write.

A Better Personal Brand (FS076) “There’s a lot of bullshit in the world of “personal branding.” There’s also a lot of honest-to-god intentionality, forethought, hard work and perseverance.”

Slack: Be less busy Check out the video. So good. Co-founded Flickr with Stuart Butterfield (founder of Slack). I love the way she thinks about business.

Sandwich Video Such a good web video maker.

The UX Reader by MailChimp “This ebook is a collection of the most popular articles from our UX Newsletter, along with some exclusive content.”

XOO Belt by Nifty – A Phone-Charging Belt | Indiegogo “Looks pretty stylish too!” ~ Old Man Barr

Yik Yak – Ride the Yak Ride it hard, fast and anonymous.

Whisper your secrets through 26 year-old Michael Heyward’s hot app | This Week In Startups Great interview for some behind the scenes info about running an app of anonymity.

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