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10 Indie Businesses to Help You Populate Your Vision Board

What’s the difference between you fizzling out and creating a business that supports you, your family and the lifestyle you want to live?

Is doing this entrepreneur thing even possible? Why are we even doing all this work at all?

We don’t want you to fizzle out. We want to give you the tools and education you need to create a business that is right for you.

We want to help you get the right mindset, the training, the motivation and the vision to know where you are going and how to get there.

And we’re going to do it by showing you that success is a probability by walking you through real life examples of modern day HONEST successes.

In this episode we are talking about real, honest businesses that have started in the last decade using the tools of the internet to serve an audience.

These are young Fizzle Community members’ businesses that have provided an actual solution to someone’s problem and harvested their own success.

These are businesses who have developed trust and engagement with their people and transmitted that trust and engagement into revenue.

These are great examples of what is not only possible for you as an entrepreneur in this day and age, but also what is probable for you as an entrepreneur in this day and age.

Today on the show we also talk about what the difference is between what is possible and what is probable. We delve into the business models of our Fizzle Show members showcased here today and the simple strategies they used to achieve success and their dream lifestyles.

These are all regular people who have turned their simple ideas and genuine passions into a reality and the good news is, this type of success is probable for you too!


Listen to the episode:

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“That is a very common outcome of pursuing entrepreneurship – that you feel connected to your work.”

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What is the difference between possibility and probability. [0:05:10.0]
  • The probable reality of entrepreneurship (aside from making money.) [0:08:18.0]
  • Aiming to be Taylor Swift versus living a lifestyle you’re honestly excited by. [0:10:30.0]
  • The importance of recognizing that success is not a destination. [0:11:20.0]
  • Learn more about the incredibly optimistic Fizzle Show survey stats. [0:13:15.0]
  • Find out more about Matt Giovanisci: His rap video and the businesses he runs. [0:14:10.0]
  • The opportunities from affiliate site partnerships such as Amazon Associates. [0:20:45.0]
  • How am I supposed to choose one idea!? How Matt navigated this question. [0:22:40.0]
  • Find out about Christina Scalera’s business model at The Contract Shop. [0:24:45.0]
  • Caleb Wojcik’s The DIY Video Guy business model and courses. [0:27:30.0]
  • The success of Andrew’s Listen Money Matters Podcast. [0:31:10.0]
  • Facebook ad consulting with Claire Pelletreau of [0:33:47.0]
  • The Digital Photo Mentor and how she travels the world as a studio photographer. [0:37:13.0]
  • Scott’s Bass Lesson: How he created the largest base instruction community on the web. [0:40:30.0]
  • Beth’s Pass The Plants food blog and the doors that have opened for her. [0:43:40.0]
  • Tom Ross’ Design Cuts blog and how he saved his customers over 100 million dollars. [0:47:30.0]
  • Kevin’s Rebooted Body site and doing something unique in the fitness space. [0:43:40.0]

“These are such awesome business examples because they’re not these big, massive celebrity things!”

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:



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