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4 Things Learned in 8 Months of Freelancing (FS119)

The story on todays episode is especially helpful for those of you who work directly with clients — freelancers, videographers, designers, copywriters, etc.

We have a special guest on the show today (especially special for those of you who listened to all the early episodes of The Fizzle Show) who’s recently created a videography business from the ground up, and on the show today we hear his story. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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“4 Things Learned in 8 Months of Freelancing”

4 lessons learned

  • Do free work. Tell them how much it would have cost, but do it for free.
  • Don’t worry about what gear (i.e., camera, audio gear, design software, etc) you have. Use what you have.
  • Study story telling. Find the stories you like and deconstruct them.
  • Publish things. Put out what you make and iterate.

Show Notes

10 Business Archetypes: How to Choose a Business Model That Makes Sense (and Money, FS091)

Chase Jarvis Photography

Sandwich Video

David Fincher – IMDb

Every Frame a Painting – YouTube

CaseyNeistat – YouTube

Cameras Recommended: Canon PowerShot G7 X and Sony RX100M

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Caleb’s Waldo Video!

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