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Not Making Any Sales? Here’s 5 Reasons Why (FS254)

Many an entrepreneur knows the feeling… you’re sending the emails, making the calls, promoting the offer on the web and social media, but the sales just aren’t coming in.

Are your missed sales telling you something about how you’re making your pitch?

Maybe you can turn things around with a few quick corrections.

How to turn it around

This is the kind of thing we see happen all the time with modern entrepreneurs. And the fixes might surprise you right into a new way of thinking about sales.

(Hint: there’s normally at least one big mindset shift that needs happen.)

There are 5 reasons why your sales aren’t rolling in and we want to coach you through each one.

You see, it’s not enough to know what the problem is… you have to know how to FIX it.

If you want to be making more sales — not just today, but for the lifetime of your business — than you need to learn these lessons.

So, listen up because these ideas might make all the difference for you.

If you think you can just throw together a cute sales email based on a script you found online, think again. Your audience — if they’re good enough to support your business for the long haul — are smarter than that.

So, listen, this teaching is coming at you in the form of a conversation — a podcast episode to be exact.

You think skimming through some article is going to fix your sales issue? Chances are your problem runs a little deeper than that.

So get your notebook and your favorite stimulant ready and let’s dive…

… because incorporating these 5 elements will not only help you make more sales NOW, but also give you a strong foundation for years to come.

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Waiting until the last ditch to sell something. [0:06:43.1]
  • The role of sales in a modern business (and the future of sales). [0:13:55.4]
  • Why are sales so important? [0:14:42.1]
  • The desperation landmine will ruin your sales chances. [0:18:06.2]
  • Here’s something that will change your business life: practice selling without any of the sleaze. [0:26:21.7]
  • The “asking for feedback” tactic to help you learn and grow no matter the result of your pitch/offer. [0:35:12.1]
  • Aligning your offer with an audience’s intention. (Secret sauce alert!) [0:39:48.4]
  • Providing a customer with the reason to buy right now! [0:44:53.6]
  • Elevating the stories of your customers as a means to generate more sales. [0:48:19.1]
  • Recapping the five elements of sales we have covered in today’s episode. [0:53:29.6]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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