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The 5 Steps Every Growth Cycle Needs (FS332)

Aren’t we all wishing to grow to that place where we can just relax into our business and start living life rather than just sweating through every day?

Well, the good news is that Internet business allows you to do that to some extent.

Welcome to the future!

It is possible to create your own business and to design your own lifestyle.

How do you want to raise your kids and schedule your working hours? Again, an online business gives you the opportunity to customize all those aspects to fit your needs and wants.

But, in order for us to do that, we need to figure out a way to earn enough revenue to be able to afford these choices and to sustain the lifestyle we want. To accomplish this, you need the energy to want to do it, so you have to actually care about it.

In this episode we talk about growing your business so that it provides you with the means to live the life you want. You might have your venture up and running but now you’re wondering what to do to build that out so that you not only break even, but make some good money off of it.

We also talk about brainstorming a bunch of ideas for growth and then evaluating and sorting them according to different categories that will help you decide which ones should take priority. Sometimes it’s wise to first go for the low hanging fruit that might be more effective over time and treating these ideas as experiments, not attaching too much value to one particular one.

Join us for this conversation where four of your favorite Fizzlers talk you through this stage!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points from This Episode:

  • Figuring out what leave looks like when you are your own boss. [0:07:30.0]
  • Experimenting and predicting the best avenues for growing your business. [0:10:42.0]
  • Getting to the stage where you can pay all the bills and live comfortably. [0:14:15.0]
  • Brainstorming new ideas and evaluating them in a spreadsheet. [0:17:05.0]
  • The paralysis that comes along with being unable to identify the best option. [0:21:35.0]
  • When it makes sense to tackle the simpler ideas that deliver quick results first. [0:25:45.0]
  • Not becoming too attached to the results of any one experiment. [0:31:14.0]
  • Finding the solution to a problem that people actually want to solve. [0:35:37.0]
  • The importance of tracking your experiments and keeping record of details. [0:38:31.0]
  • The benefits of getting good at partnerships and collaborations. [0:42:21.0]
  • Good experimentation requires vulnerability and a willingness to be wrong. [0:44:55.0]
  • Examples of some of the growth channels and growth experiments [0:49:38.0]
  • Opting for steady growth with effort. [0:55:23.0]
  • Remembering that behind every success story is a bunch of failed experiments. [0:58:56.0]
  • And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Photo by Thomas Lambert on Unsplash

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