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9 Reasons Why Your Audience Isn’t Growing (FS183)

“I did everything right, but my audience STILL isn’t growing. How do I get random strangers to discover me?”

I loved how honestly the question was asked in the Fizzle Forums.

It came from a woman who had taken one of our courses, the one about defining and understanding your target audience.

The course had helped her make big improvements to her website, going so far as to design a new strategy for the content she writes.

But when the dust cleared, there wasn’t. Much. Change.

If you want to find out why this happens — maybe why it’s happening to you — click play and let’s get into it.

Enjoy… and thanks for listening!

Listen to the episode:

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““I did everything right but my audience still isn’t growing.” Here’s why”

Points mentioned in the conversation:

  • Steph talks about how important it is to get extremely clear about the reason or incentive for new people to follow you.
  • Chase talks about how common it is to have Kevin Costner syndrome when you’re new to business. It’s difficult, but try to remember nobody cares how wise, smart, fresh, creative, free you are. Sounds harsh, but this is a very valuable lesson.
  • Corbett shares about the importance of talking to customers the right way.
  • Chase talks about a quote about the “long obedience in the same direction,” which helps us get some perspective on our expectations… Man, expectations can really screw us over here, you guys.
  • One thing we can do to root our expectations in reality a bit more is to listen to the real stories of how people got successful. Not the anecdotes, not the soundbites, the dirty, messy, gritty stuff. We have a collection of 27 Founder Stories in the Fizzle library for exactly this reason. (Some big names too! But it’s the lesser known ones I’ve learned the most from.)
  • Oh boy, Steph reminds us of an exceptional quote from this article.
  • And then Steph asks this powerful question: Who is doing similar work in your space and who could you partner with? Connection to other entrepreneurs in mastermind groups, forums like Fizzle, Facebook groups, etc., can keep your motivation alive when it all feels like a grind, because…
  • Well, I’ll let Corbett’s closing remarks speak for themselves. #CorbBomb

Show Notes

The GO Summit Conference 2017My dream is to get a boat load of Fizzlers here. I really enjoy this conference a lot. Click the link to watch the video.

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