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A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore and Live Your Legend (FS128)

Last Saturday, our friend Scott Dinsmore died while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He was just 33 years old. Scott and his wife Chelsea were eight months into a year-long trip around the world.

Scott was a close personal friend, and a big supporter of the work we do here at Fizzle. Scott’s Live Your Legend blog and community reached hundreds of thousands around the world, and his excellent TEDx talk on finding and doing work you love has been watched nearly three million times. Scott deeply believed we could all change the world simply by doing work we love.

Today’s podcast episode is dedicated to Scott. Scott and Chelsea visited my wife and me in Mexico this winter as part of their trip. During the visit, Scott and I recorded an interview for a new project he was working on. We talked about how a first-time entrepreneur should go about creating their first product for sale.

This was one of the last long conversations I had with Scott.

Most importantly, I hope you’ll learn more about Scott and his mission at Live Your Legend. He has already changed thousands of lives, and I have no doubt his story and Live Your Legend will change many more in the future.

More than anyone I know, Scott embraced each day as a precious gift. He took the world by the horns, and did what he was best at, what he was meant to do.

And that’s what Scott wanted for anyone who would listen, that you would find what you were meant to do, that you could believe in yourself and realize what is truly possible in life. That you could live life to the fullest.

One of Scott’s favorite quotes was from Jim Rohn, who said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Scott wanted you to meet people who inspired and challenged you. People who changed your perspective from “how could I” to “how could I not?” Belief was Scott’s secret weapon.

Scott inspired and challenged me, and I’ll be forever grateful for what he taught me. Thank you Scott, we’ll miss you forever.

Listen to the episode:

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Read more tributes to Scott, by me (Corbett Barr), Leo Babauta, Jonathan Fields and Chase Reeves.

Scott’s TEDx talk:

Scott’s interview with Jonathan Fields for The Good Life Project:

If you’d like to say something about what Scott or Live Your Legend meant to you, please share at this Facebook tribute page.

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