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What is the quickest and safest way towards building a sustainable business? How can focussing on cultivating true fans help you reach this goal? What are the best ways to go about this cultivation? We often talk about attaining a level of success that is adjusted to what you need in order to live the life you want. And, one of the greatest realizations of this process is the humble reality of this level. You do not need to be famous or have huge numbers of fans or customers in order to make a living!

Are you dying to follow up on a surge of engagement that your business recently experienced? Does your writing or content need that extra bit of juice and personality? Is something in your life making focusing on your business particularly difficult at the moment?

It’s terrible when there’s activity on your site that you’re BLIND to. What pages are people using? What calls to action are effective? Etc. (Note: we haven’t fully launched this yet, but you can be the first to know about a new course we’re doing on tuning up your website to be way more effective in just 3 days.)

If we go for too long without progress, we lose momentum and the work grows more and more resistance. Do you know what I mean? When the work just kind of feels heavier and heavier?