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“Back to Mother-Effing Square One.” Rebuilding a Freelance Business from Scratch (FS137)

“No point in beating around the bush – I’m hoping for advice (and reassurance) here. I’ve recently experienced a pretty huge disaster in my freelancing career, and I’m absolutely kicking myself.”

That’s how a Fizzler started a recent conversation in the Fizzle Forums, and on this episode we help her blueprint a freelance business from scratch.

Here’s some of her story:

  • She started a successful-ish service-based business
  • She “fell out of love” with that business and accepted a job opportunity
  • 2 weeks later the company she took a job with fired everyone in her department
  • So now she’s back at “mother-effing square one” and wondering what to do.

This episode is so raw and honest it might make you bristle a little. We talk about money, emotions and some back of the napkin math you need to do.


Listen to the episode:

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““Back to Mother-effing Square One.” Rebuilding a Freelance Business from Scratch”

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