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Overwhelmed in Your Business? Here’s How To Break The Seal on Getting Help

Do you have too much work to do? Are you cracking under your workload? Do you miss taking care of the parts of your business that you love?

It may be time for you to get some help!

But wait — you don’t have to jump straight to hiring an employee. Sometimes that feels too far out of reach.

There are, in fact, a few critical steps you should take BEFORE you bring someone on, and these steps can make a HUGE impact on your clarity, focus, and workload.

The key is to know when is the right time to do the right thing. And that’s what we want to talk about today.  

Work ON your business, not IN it

In this episode, the team looks at the all too common mistake of taking on too much of your business’ workload. There is no honor in trying to do everything yourself and you will more than likely run yourself into the ground and ruin your business in the process.

That does not mean you need to hire a person for every single task either. Again, the idea is to balance your abilities, passions and obligations to maximum effect.

Basically, you may need a simple reminder on the difference between working ON your business and working IN your business.

So, let’s define some tools, systems and services and how to organize your businesses tasks by their importance so you can have more clarity and focus in your day to day.

If you’ve been feeling like you have too much on your plate or there are tasks that you just really wish you did not have to do, this is the episode that can help you figure out your strategy! Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The question that prompted this episode’s topic from Fizzle Fridays. [0:04:09.2]
  • Working on your business versus working in your business. [0:08:02.0]
  • The importance of knowing what you are hiring for instead of impulsively hiring. [0:12:27.3]
  • Why you do not need to be able to do everything in your own business. [0:13:57.4]
  • Reasons business owners sometimes get hung up on trying to juggle too much. [0:16:56.2]
  • Building a business that takes care of itself with your guidance and enjoyment. [0:19:22.4]
  • When is the right time to bring people in to help you. [0:21:30.3]
  • Differentiating between a tool, a system and a service. [0:25:20.1]
  • Stepping back and systematizing processes that you repeat to save time. [0:27:02.7]
  • Finding the right tools, software, services and people. [0:32:56.4]
  • Organizing and noting all projects and tasks within your business. [0:37:08.3]
  • When is it unnecessary to outsource and when people outsource too early. [0:40:59.2]
  • Steph’s story of editing her own podcast and the lesson we can all learn from this. [0:45:25.2]
  • How Corbett and Chase started to systematize the process of course creation. [0:49:31.2]
  • Onboarding your new helpers or contractors when the time is right. [0:57:11.2]

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