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How to Build The Biz of Your Dreams in 10 Hours A Week

Are you constantly running up against limitations? Do you feel like you would be able to conquer the world if you just had more time or energy? Can our limitations actually help us find our way to a successful business?

Here at Fizzle, we are well aware that most entrepreneurs face a host of limitations, whether it is capital, time, support or something else. Chances are you do not have an infinite amount of everything!

In this episode, we discuss how to address this potential problem and embrace it as a source of inspiration. We believe it is possible to use those areas in which you are limited as a guiding star to steer your ship to a shore of success.

We also talk about the ubiquity of limitations in all areas of life, how to bypass some of the obvious hindrances and three steps towards conquering these hazards.  

So if you want to correct your course and stop your ship from constantly blowing off course, listen up because we have you covered.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Is ten hours a week enough to build your business? [0:03:19.6]
  • Reminding ourselves that we all have limitations, forever! [0:06:24.4]
  • The feeling of futility when trying to squeeze in work on your business. [0:08:08.2]
  • Acknowledging your limitations and moving on productively. [0:12:39.7]
  • The team’s own sets of early limitations. [0:15:03.1]
  • Steady progress is what matters above all else. [0:18:50.5]
  • The positive side and encouraging force of limitations. [0:22:20.9]
  • Time, mindset and focus as the essential triangle. [0:26:20.6]
  • Getting a handle on your time and creating blocks for your business. [0:26:50.3]
  • Creating allies within your family and partners. [0:29:12.2]
  • Fostering the correct mindset for productivity [0:32:29.6]
  • Entrepreneurship as an extended mind game you play with yourself. [0:36:56.4]
  • Maintaining focus and doing away with time wasting. [0:43:21.4]
  • Steph’s 15 Minute Planner Method! [0:45:21.6]
  • The difficulty in knowing what is important to your business. [0:49:12.4]

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