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A Clear Business Direction – Choosing a Topic & Defining Your Audience (FS323)

How do you hold onto the energy and excitement of the early stages of your business? How do you sustain this “freshness” over the long run?

Maybe you’re lost and you feel stuck before you’ve even begun…

Either way, you need direction! This direction is made up of two very important things:

  1. We want you to find exactly what your business is talking about as soon as possible!
  2. Just as important is who you’re talking to.

These two pillars (your message and your audience) are really at the heart of any business. They are especially the guiding lights in the beginning and without them you will almost definitely be lost at sea!

In this episode we embark on part two of the roadmap series. We are delving into the nerves and excitement that accompany getting serious in following your entrepreneurial dreams. This combination of feelings is so common for a lot of us, and as we see the possibilities they can feel daunting.

This episode can help you move through these waters so you don’t stuck in paralysis!

We also talk about using your own experience and questions to guide your work, the 80% confidence rule and finding the one person that your business is serving. So for all this and more, join us we do it all!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The universality of figuring out what you are saying and who you are saying it to. [0:06:18.4]
  • Nerves, excitement and possibility when you are just starting out. [0:09:01.2]
  • Common hurdles and sticking points for choosing and moving forward. [0:11:34.6]
  • Ideal avatars and other time traps standing in your way. [0:15:51.4]
  • Why social media is misleading. [0:21:01.8]
  • Simplifying the difficult task of selling to an audience. [0:25:25.3]
  • Tilling your business soil and producing a great client base. [0:29:29.1]
  • Staying flexible for iteration and growth over time. [0:36:28.6]
  • The next best step and finding your sharing medium. [0:44:40.3]
  • Growing your topic, product and your service ideas from your audience. [0:51:50.8]
  • Taking the pressure off and channeling the energy of an Italian restaurant. [0:54:22.5]
  • The Fizzle courses that can get you jumpstarted on your roadmap. [0:56:03.6]

And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

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