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Community & Accountability: Why Staying Social Fosters Success (FS324)

What are the ways that we entrepreneurs really want to be remembered? Why is it that we do the kind of work we do and reach out to the people around us? What is the ultimate role of our community and the connections we make?

Here at Fizzle, we cannot stress the importance of community and communication enough.

For us, it is the building block and the end goal of almost everything we do. We both do things in order to serve and create a community but we also are able to do those things because of the connections we make in the world.

In this episode, we are contemplating the place of community and connection in our more general roadmap for entrepreneurs. We are talking about the effect that friends can have on our personal success and the subtle and transformational role of the people around us over time.

We also talk about finding this tribe and swimming in your own lane as much as you need to. Becoming part of a community of people always requires some amount of vulnerability and exposure and sharing who you are is one of the main ways we are able to connect with others, this is what we believe in!

For all this and more, join us here at Fizzle!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Community Episode:

  • Daily motivation, audience size and the calling of entrepreneurship. [0:06:10.3]
  • The difference between blind faith and seeking answers for future decisions. [0:11:14.7]
  • Connection as the central theme and motivation for the human condition. [0:14:15.4]
  • The community piece of all of our lives and businesses. [0:19:35.6]
  • How these ideas fit into the larger roadmap of entrepreneurship. [0:23:31.1]
  • The positive and negative effects that your tribe can have. [0:27:50.4]
  • Who you know and success through a network. [0:34:30.6]
  • Getting past introversion and tendencies to be alone. [0:38:21.3]
  • ‘Scenius’ and the rising tide of banding together with likeminded individuals. [0:42:12.7]
  • Caring for others through your own self-care and vulnerability. [0:48:50.8]
  • Attending events, meetups and conferences as a way to build. [0:52:33.3]
  • Working communication and connection into your weekly schedule. [0:56:02.5]
  • Committing to others as a means of discipline and accountability. [0:59:12.2]
  • Creating a meaningful impact in your immediate surroundings. [1:02:02.2]

And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash

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