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This is How Derek Halpern Grew a 17,000 Subscriber Blog in 11 Months

There are literally hundreds of millions of blogs in existence. Thousands more are started every day.

In a world where 99.9+% of blogs go mostly unnoticed, Derek Halpern has made a big name for himself and his blog Social Triggers in less than a year.

If you’re interested in blogging, marketing or the psychology behind what makes people “tick” online, don’t miss this over-the-top interview with Derek.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

  • Why Derek doesn’t subscribe to the “1,000 true fans” rule
  • The one decision Derek made early on that set the stage for Social Trigger’s incredible growth
  • Derek’s strategy for making it easier to win in your niche
  • How Derek identified his blog’s “secret sauce”
  • The overlooked place you can rely on for breakthrough topic ideas
  • How you can become known for your most powerful ideas
  • Why you’re shooting yourself in the foot by promoting your social media accounts on your website
  • The most important thing to accomplish with your next blog post

And trust me, there’s much, much more in this video. This was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while.

We could have easily used this interview exclusively in a paid product. It’s that good. We’re in the giving mood, so it’s yours free. No payment or subscription required. Just share one thing you learned from this video in the comments below.

I left this interview with a bunch of ideas for my own business.

Now I’d love to know what you’re going to do with Derek’s advice today.

Please leave a comment below and tell me the best thing you learned from this conversation, and how you plan to take action.

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