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How we Doubled an Email List in 7 Days

Are you feeling down about the low numbers on your email list? Have you ever wondered how you could really accelerate its growth?

Perhaps all it takes is a mindset shift.

That’s what we did recently on a separate website we run and it had HUGE results.

First of all, you already know how important your email list is to your business, right? If you don’t know about how important email is to modern business, you can check out any of these educational posts.

The gist is this: for many of us successful indie entrepreneurs, our email list is the core of our business because through email we have a powerful form of “digital relationship” with our customers.

So, if you aren’t getting a very good “conversion rate” on your website — from casual visitor to email subscriber — then it can feel kinda terrible.

Like, there’s all these people coming to your website, but so few of them are taking you up on your offer.

For many of us the is a PRIME LOCATION for investing some time to improve things.

There’s a lot of places in your business you could waste time making updates — like revamping your logo, for example. You could spend hours and hours on that but your changes will almost certainly make zero impact.

Spending time on your email conversion on your website, however, is something that can make a HUGE difference. It has for us.

Because in today I want to show you an audio training where we discuss how Steph Crowder — Director of Member Success here at Fizzle — was able to DOUBLE her email list in just one week.

If you are starting your email list from scratch, or just looking for some tips, tricks and strategies on how to grow your list — and in turn your business — you will really take something away from this episode.

We also talk about the two free guides Steph created to accelerate her list and how listening, empathizing and responding to your listener community is the best thing you can do to grow your business.

There’s some notes below, but the meat of this training is really in the conversation. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode:

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“Lo and behold, I put that thing out there and my list doubled in a week.”

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The two different lead magnets Steph used to accelerate growth. [0:06:45.0]
  • How Steph’s marketed her free Clarity Jumpstart Guide. [0:08:30.0]
  • Steps and resources to making your own free PDF guide. [0:09:30.0]
  • Why Steph decided to start her own Facebook listener community. [0:10:15.0]
  • What Steph learnt from listening to her Facebook community of listeners. [0:11:25.0]
  • Steph explains the mindset behind her 15 Minute Planner Method. [0:14:00.0]
  • Helpful tips to starting your own Facebook group for your audience. [0:15:26.0]
  • Looking at what is popular, what is a need and what you do well. [0:18:15.0]
  • Doing what we want versus doing what our audience wants. [0:26:21.0]
  • How to build a compelling email opt in: A step by step guide. [0:31:54.0]
  • The importance of creating a simple landing page for your opt in. [0:38:10.0]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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