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Fizzle is Hiring! Join Us as a Member Success Specialist

The FizzleCo team is growing! We are looking for our first new team member since Fizzle launched over a year ago. This is an exciting time for us, and this is a great opportunity for the right person to join a very special little company.

This position has been filled. Barrett Brooks has joined the Fizzle team as our Director of Member Success. Congrats to Barrett, and thanks everyone for the interest! Subscribe to The Sparkline blog to hear about future job opportunities with Fizzle.

Note: this position starts as a half-time role and may expand from there. Please read on for the full details.

Your responsibility on the team will be member success and satisfaction. This is an intensely customer-focused role. You’ll be interacting with Fizzle members every day to provide the support they need to get the most benefit possible from Fizzle.

We like to delight customers, and you’re going to lead the charge. You’re going to provide such incredible customer support that our members won’t be able to stop talking about it. You thrive on ending each interaction with both you and the customer smiling, even when the customer is tough or frustrated to begin with.

This position goes way beyond just answering support requests. It’s a big part of our most important company-wide goal: to make sure our customers are building successful online businesses and projects they’re truly proud of.

We don’t expect you to teach our members about entrepreneurship. You’ll be more of a concierge and facilitator.

You’ll become intimately familiar with Fizzle resources so you can onboard and guide our members through all Fizzle has to offer.

Here are some of the kinds of things you’ll do every week:

  • Respond to between 30 and 50 customer support emails per day.
  • Interact with members in our community forums, offering helpful suggestions about how Fizzle resources and features can be used.
  • Be the team’s primary eyes and ears within the Fizzle community. You’ll know Fizzle members by name, and you’ll know who’s most successful, and who’s struggling. You’ll learn from member successes and failures and will suggest and implement ideas for making all of our members more successful and satisfied.
  • Create weekly summaries of the most interesting and useful community conversations and customer success stories.
  • Interact with Fizzlers over social media, and post updates about new things happening within Fizzle.

To be successful in this role, you need to love talking with fizzlers, primarily through writing. You have to be a great writer and communicator, with clear, concise, and friendly answers. And you have to be quick. You’ll pride yourself on responding to people so quickly that they’re floored and appreciative.

FizzleCo is a special company with a very flexible, fun and supportive working environment. We prefer someone based on the West Coast for this role (we are all on that timezone), but we’re open to hiring the best person for this job, no matter where they live.

If you want to join Corbett, Chase and Caleb as an important and early member of the FizzleCo family, please apply.

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter explaining:

  1. Why you want to work as a member success specialist.
  2. Why you want to work for FizzleCo, and not somewhere else.
  3. A description of a customer support experience you had recently that really stood out.

Then, please answer 3 of the following questions, just like you would if you had this position:

  1. I’m thinking about joining Fizzle, but I want to make sure there isn’t a contract or ongoing obligation. If I join today, can I cancel anytime?
  2. If I join Fizzle, are there any opportunities to talk with the team directly? I have some questions I’d like to ask about my situation.
  3. If I sign up for the $1 trial, can I still get the annual billing deal before my first month ends?
  4. Why did you choose the name Fizzle? Don’t you know that it means "to fail weakly"?
  5. I’ve been reading your blog and listening to your podcast every week. I finally got my website launched, and I’d love you to take a look. Here’s the site: Let me know what you think!

Getting to Know Each Other

This is a small team and everyone on the team has to carry a lot of water. To make sure Fizzle is the right fit for you, and vice-versa, this role will start out as a half-time position and grow from there if we’re both smitten.

Starting salary is dependent on experience. Please include your salary requirements with the application.

Email everything to and include “Member Success” in the subject line. If you attach a resume, please send it as a PDF file. Feel free to get creative with your application, but make sure you’ve followed all of the rules mentioned here.

One last important thing. We support entrepreneurs in this business, but we’re not looking for an entrepreneur in this role. We’re looking for someone who wants to join our team and stick with us for the long term. We want someone with a passion for learning new things and improving what you do. We’re not looking for someone to grow into another role at FizzleCo. This is a job for someone who is dedicated to customer support and success.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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