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Fizzle is Hiring! Web Developer Needed

At Fizzle, we’re focused on helping our members earn a living doing something they love. Our courses and community are designed to help these members make smart progress while supporting each other in a fun environment.

Update (3/1/17): this position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who showed interest or applied.

Our team is now working on an exciting new software project. We need a strong client-side developer to do some of the heavy lifting for us.

This project is top secret, so we can’t reveal all of the details until we interview you, but we can tell you some of the technologies involved. This is a real-time communications project. We’re in the prototyping phase currently, and our client stack is built on VueJS,, Babel and Webpack. The server is based on Nodejs, Express,, MySQL and Redis.

We’re looking for a developer to start part-time to help us turn our prototype into an alpha version ready for real user testing. If things go well, there will be opportunities to turn this into a full-time position.

You’ll need to have experience with:

  • Developing single page style client applications
  • Using a modern component-based javascript client framework like Angular or React
  • Writing clean HTML & CSS (but you don’t need to be a designer)
  • Bonus points for experience with VueJS,, Babel and Webpack
  • Even more bonus points for experience with server side API-based development, NodeJS, MySQL, Redis

You’ll also need to be passionate about front-end development. We want someone who writes quality code that can last for years. You also need to speak and write English fluently.

At Fizzle we’re focused on creating the best training and tools for independent business builders on the web, and this is a great opportunity for the right person to join a very special little company.

This is a part-time contract opportunity, with opportunity to evolve into a permanent part-time position for the right fit. Initially we may only need 10 hours a week. The work can be completed remotely, and on your schedule.

How to Apply

Please submit a resume and a cover letter explaining:

  1. Why you want to work for Fizzle, and not somewhere else.
  2. A description of a project you completed recently, including your role, what you learned, and why you’re proud of what you accomplished.

Getting to Know Each Other

This is a small team and everyone on the team has to wear a lot of hats. To make sure Fizzle is the right fit for you, and vice-versa, this role will start out as a short-term position and grow from there if we’re both smitten.

Compensation is dependent on experience. Please include your requirements with the application. We prefer someone based in the United States for this role (or similar time zone), but we’re also open to hiring the best person for this job, no matter where they live.

Email everything to and include “Web Developer” in the subject line. If you attach a resume, please send it as a PDF file. Feel free to get creative with your application, but make sure you’ve followed all of the rules mentioned here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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