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Free Coaching for Bloggers!

I reached out to a blogger with a huge audience recently and asked him if he knew about a course called Start A Blog That Matters.

His reply: “Of course, that’s how I got started.”

I chuckled, thinking to myself, ‘this is going to make for a great intro to the announcement.’

Start A Blog That Matters was a blog training program that was created by Corbett Barr — he’s one of the founders here at Fizzle. The course went on to become one of the most successful blog courses in the world. Literally.

I’m telling you this because we have 2 very big announcements today.

Announcement 1: Start A Blog That Matters has been completely updated for 2016 and beyond. After editing and putting it together with Corbett I can confidently say there is no better blog training available.

So, that in and of itself is a huge deal. This is a course that transforms people from confused, exhausted wannabe bloggers into engaged, activated bloggers with a robust plan and a shit-ton of confidence because they plugged up the holes in their blog before it ever started taking on water. The update of this course is a very big deal and well lead thousands more to make blogs they are deeply proud of.

But, like I said, there are two announcements today and the second one is just as big… actually, I mean, this is bigger, right?

Announcement 2: the first group of students will receive completely free weekly coaching throughout the course. We already know the course is excellent (with multiple thousands of graduates), BUT your story, your blog, what you’re trying to accomplish is unique, so let’s hear what you’re thinking at every step of the way and we’ll give you our best advice so you can take action right away.

Note: if you want to come along you'll need to signup by July 19th.

Coaching through this course will help enormously because it can make your path to success much shorter. Think about it. A lot of us have an idea, we try it out, we go this way for a little while then we realize why it isn’t working so we change to a different direction. We do that over and over and that’s why everyone’s path to success looks so wiggly.

When you’ve got access to someone who’s already done what you’re trying to do, you get to learn the lessons without taking so damn long to figure it out for yourself. And in this particular situation, you get access to Corbett Barr who’s not only built Think Traffic and Fizzle, but he’s also played integral roles in building Live Your Legend, Man vs. Debt and more.

Ok, so, as a point in fact, here’s a quote from Leo Babauta, blogger and owner of one of the largest single author blogs in the world, TIME magazine top 25 blogger:

“Corbett’s ability to get to the heart of successful blogging is a rare gift. I’ve seen him transform a blog from blah to wow, start an amazing blog from scratch, and help countless new bloggers with intelligent insight into what makes a great blog tick.” ~ Leo Babauta

(Have I ever told you how lucky and proud I am to have Corbett as my business partner?)

Getting to have Corbett give you personal advice throughout the creation of your blog is a really big deal.

I will also be a part of the coaching for some of the sessions, and I’d like to think that being the designer of massive blogs like Smart Passive Income, Live Your Legend and Nerd Fitness give me some street cred as well, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

But what’s the cost? Nothing up front, you get a 2 week free trial, and then if you want to stay on it’s $35 a month. About a dollar a day. That’s our promise at Fizzle: insanely effective, life changing small business courses, community and Q&A for less than your monthly coffee/booze tab. This coaching is just the icing on the cake.

So, below is a video that will give you all the details of the course and the coaching.

If you’re ready to signup now, enroll in the coaching and start the free trial immediately, click here:

Click here to learn more about the coaching »

Doors close July 19th

Watch the video for more details:

The Gist:

  • To get the free coaching you have to signup by July 19th. That way we can all go through this as a single group.
  • Start a Blog that Matters, a powerful and popular blog training program, has been completely updated… and it’s badass.
  • The course features 17 video lessons and step-by-step action plans for developing a compelling blog idea, understanding your readers, creating engaging and shareable content, writing a killer about page, launching and promoting your blog, growing an audience and earning true fans.
  • In addition to the course, for people who sign up by July 19th, we're including free weekly live group coaching sessions (10 sessions in all), hosted by Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves.
  • All of this is included with a free trial of Fizzle. For people who decide to continue beyond the free trial, Fizzle is just $35 a month and includes access to hundreds of instructional videos, coaching and community support.
  • To signup, please visit this page and click the button.

I’m sure we’ll see many of you inside. Corbett and I are both pumped to go through this with you. I’m sure the’ll be plenty among us who’s blogs will be awesome to watch grow.

Just one more time: you’ve only got a few days left. If you want to join in on the course and the coaching you’ll need to signup by July 19th.

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